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Each week, local comedian/person of wisdom Annie Donley helps guide those in search of direction, using her unique perspective on life and no-nonsense approach.

This is Teake it or Leave it advise

Hi Annie:

Black Friday, am I right?? It's so close and while I'd love to take advantage of those savings, I'm not sure if I have the strength to fight the crowds.  Any shopping tips on how to save money and sanity?

-Ben M.


Exsactly how many gitfs do you have to get bc last tiem I checkd money is the root of all problems and lotsa times the kids with the most gifts are the most brattiest and no one lieks a bitch ass baby lol!!  leik clint eastwood say 'go ahead, waste your pay'  

MEMORY LANE MMEMORY LANE my dad took me and my best gerifriends to our first circus when I was 13 year old I recall the magic time we had and the uropeans tameing the trecherous beasts in the cage we had so much fun so I sed Dad you are the best dad in the world and he got made he say 'dont just say that cuz I buy you thing. "  I remember he slmammed a bedroom door that night out of rage  At the time I thought he hate me but now I know he work his ass off dady in and day out and all for what? for his dauter to cashi in on his wallet but I now know he was doing his best and tried to taught me a lesson. ok gtg    

lookin gfor advice? u know the drill annie.donley@gmila