Double Feature returns!

Now that the Lincoln Lodge has found a new home in Subterranean, all of the many awesome shows that the Lodge houses and supports also have a new home! Double Feature, a really great show that features screenings of comedic short films with sets from local standups, is one of these shows!

DF producers Ian Abramson, Tim Barnes, Melody Kamali, and Marlena Rodriguez are back with a new video promo hyping the show's return on Wednesday, March 26th! Get your tickets here!

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Interview: Strongmen's Adam Cole, Jordan Haynes, Nate Varrone, & Charles Pettitt

Strongmen, a new highly physical sketch revue from Nate Varrone, Jordan Haynes, & Charles Pettit, premieres tonight at the Public House Theatre. The show's producers promise "hammerrs, guns, and spaghetti" on top of dumb, fast-paced sketch. I spoke with the three stars of Strongmen, as well as director Adam Cole, about the new show, which runs Fridays in March at 10pm at the Public House Theatre.

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Once in a Lifetime returns!!

One of my favorite comedy shows in Chicago, Once in a Lifetime, is back (full disclosure: I'm also a producer of the show, alongside the genius weirdos at Everything is Terrible)! The show features some of my favorite comedy people providing live commentary over a screening of Lifetime Original Movies, and has found a new home at Logan Square's Comfort Station (that little house right near the Centennial Monument in the heart of Logan Square!)!

Once in a Lifetime: Fifteen and Pregnant returns Friday, April 11th at 8pm, with goofs provided by professional spoofers Natalie JoseCandy Lawrence, and Katie McVay! The show's totally free and open to pregnant teens of all ages. Look below for a short, ridiculous clip of the excellent Kirsten Dunst vehicle to be screened and get stoked for next month!

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HIJINKS does My Fair Lady!

80% of the cast of Two Bunnies Eating Flowers and Sovereign's monthly comedy show HIJINKS at the Public House Theatre has taken a young Comedy Studies ingenue under their wings, with the hopes to shape her into a top-notch performer. Through 3 rounds of comedy competitions tomorrow night, Saturday March 1st, at the PHT at 8pm, we'll find out if Olivia Medoff is funnier than Sovereign's own Clayton Margeson.

Jude from Two Bunnies was nice enough to give a breakdown of tomorrow's event, giving an exclusive glimpse behind the curtain before showtime to Steamroller readers. Check it out below!

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Nicholas Rouley & Freak Happening present WEREWOLVES IN SPACE: A Rock Opera

I'm lucky enough to help produce Freak Happening, a monthly variety/dumb show at saki in beautiful Logan Square. This Friday, we're staging a one-time-only production of Werewolves In Space, which has become something of a passion project for producer Nick Rouley. Check out the rad poster below (designed by the very talented Brad VandenBerg, as well as a bit more information about the show, which happens this Friday, February 28th, at 7:30pm.

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The Lincoln Lodge finds a new home at Subterranean!

After less that two months away, The Lincoln Lodge has found a new home in the downstairs lounge of Wicker Park concert venue Subterranean. The Lodge's regular Friday night comedy showcases will return Friday, February 28th, with its sister show, The Blackout Diaries, relaunching on Saturday, March 1st. 

Few details beyond than the location have changed concerning the Lodge's setup, with tickets remaining $10 and full food and drink service offered throughout the show. Subterranean's centralized location in heart/The Crotch of Wicker Park, along with outpouring of support the Lodge received after the sudden shuttering of its home for 14 years, could make for a huge uptick in ticket sales and continued notoriety amongst Chicago's always growing base of comedy fans.

I talked about the move with Lincoln Lodge cast member Ricky Gonzalez, who has worked tirelessly on finding the show a new home over the past seven weeks, check out the text of that interview below. Tickets for the return of The Lincoln Lodge and Blackout Diaries can be purchased on The Lincoln Lodge's website. Welcome back, The Lincoln Lodge!

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