Q&A with Performance Anxiety’s Kevin Brody and Kristin Clifford!

Performance Anxiety has a brand-new co-producer in Kevin Brody (who is rad). In light of that, and in light of the fact that we get a lot of questions from interested comedians and the occasional non-comedian, we thought we’d update the old Q&A that the wonderful Goodrich Gevaart had submitted

Below are our own answers to some of the more common questions we get. Any other ones? Just ask us! We’re nice.


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Which Transmission producer are you?

Dave Maher and Drennen Quinn are best friends. They are also the producers and hosts of a new stand-up showcase called Transmission, which starts this Saturday, April 26 at 7pm. The show takes place at Transistor, a Lakeview-based record/art/book/audio shop. Transmission is the result of Maher and Quinn's shared vision for a showcase in an alternative venue that sheds a spotlight on the variety of Chicago's up-and-coming comedians, from exciting current open mic-ers to established touring comics. Transmission is also a chance for Dave and Drennen to explore their combative onstage dynamic as co-hosts. 

For those of you who do not yet know Dave or Drennen, what's up? What's your name? How do you spell that? Oh, sure. Like it sounds! Hey, check out this Cosmo-style quiz to get to know Dave and Drennen a little better. 

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Upstairs Gallery and The Steamroller team up to bring a night of cross disciplinary comedy. Sketch. Standup. Improv. All that fun stuff. Join us!

We're very excited to host special guests Wham City Comedy!

"Fresh off their Adult Swim debut, celebrated arts collective Wham City is embarking on a month-long multi-media comedy tour of the East Coast and Midwest United States this April.

The Baltimore group’s tightest show yet, the Wham City Comedy Tour is a 75-minute multi-media performance featuring four alt-comedians offering up all original stand-up, videos, skits, and monologues."

Volume 4:
Wham City Comedy *sketch*
The Puterbaugh Sisters *stand up*
UG House team Dead$$$ *improv*


Interview: Claymore Productions' Peyton Brown, Brian Hurwitz, Josh Segovia, and Tyler Smith

I spoke with Claymore Productions, the fellas behind the award-winning Exquisite Corpse sketch comedy pilot which finally (finally!) is available to the general public to watch at their leisure online. The pilot's so consistently funny and amazingly well-produced, it's no wonder Claymore took home a collective Best Actor award at the New York Television Festival last fall.

Check out the full pilot embedded below and then read the text of a nice chat I had with all four Claymore members about the production of the thing, as well as their NYTVF experiences and the exciting things to come!

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New Kill All Comedy mixtape!

Steph Cook and the Kill All Comedy gang are back with a new pilot-length video sketch mixtape that showcases some familiar faces from the Steamroller and elsewhere around Chicago comedy scene. Highlights include a bathroom cleaning tutorial from our friend Annie Donley and Jeff Murdoch as a man helping a baby pick up babes at a nightclub. 

The KAC collective continues to produce tons of bizarre, conceptual comedy, and these mixtapes are a great intro to the many styles and perspectives present in the group. Check out volume 4 below!

Interview: "Christian" and "Antoine" of Rabbit Rabbit's The Art of Craft: Crafting the Artist Within

Chicago-based sketch duo Rabbit Rabbit return to Stage773 after a well-received sketchfest showcase, and will once again hand the reins over to acting veterans Christian and Antoine, for an exclusive masterclass in acting. Rabbit Rabbit put me in touch with these two visionaries for an exclusive interview before tonight's premiere at 8pm at Stage 773.

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Sean Patton and Sean O'Connor to headline first-annual Comedy Exposition of 2014!

I'm incredibly honored to be one of the producers of Chicago's Comedy Exposition of 2014, a DIY standup comedy festival happening this Summer, July 11th-13th. The fest be spread out over three neighborhoods: Lakeview on Friday, Wicker Park on Saturday, and Logan Square on Sunday, with the best performers Chicago has to offer, as well as plenty of out-of-town talent, both up-and-coming and fully established.

We're excited to announce our first two headlining performers (whose exact appearance dates will be announced in the coming weeks): Sean Patton and Sean O'Connor.

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Interview: Three Layer Cake's Dan Bazaldua, Nick Mestad, and John O'Toole

Tonight is the final performance of Three Layer Cake, which mashes up a trio of solo sketch performances from Chicago-based writer/performers Dan Bazaldua, Nick Mestad, and John O'Toole. It's a great showcase of eclectic, engaging solo shows that you should make a point to check out if you haven't yet had the chance! The show's at 10:30pm, at iO's beautiful Del Close Theatre. I had the pleasure of talking to all three of the layers of cake in advance of tonight's show. Read that below!

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